You’re busy running your business. Maybe you don’t have the time or it’s not in your wheelhouse to come up with marketing and copy-writing for your website. That’s where I come in. My background in media and communications can help you with the words that need to be on your website. What you say and how you say it not only figures in with your existing  customers, but is a key component for getting new customers to your website; in other words (no pun intended)-effective SEO drives from the words (and images) on your website. Everything counts in effective web design. Words matter.


What you say…


..and how you say it makes a difference.


Google & …and your potential clients are looking for you; what you offer and what makes you different.

Words Count

Your website has to visually appeal to your audience and it has to talk the talk.


Let your audience know what you know.

Show AND tell your audience what they need to know.


What you have to say and how you say it leads your audience to the conclusion you want them to reach…you!

Direct The Flow

I do copy.

Writing copy that informs and directs call to action is critical to effective web design and SEO power.