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Contact Erik Petersen Web Design

To contact Erik Petersen for website design please use the form below regarding your web design needs.  My primary web design goal is to make your website effective in achieving your goals and to keep the process and product as simple as possible even though the underlying work may be complex. I specialize in WordPress, development of design, integration of common elements you may already have such as copy, photography, artwork, graphics and logos. Additional services I may provide include writing and editing, photography, photographic optimization and integration, creation of new artwork such as support graphics and logo. Other behind the scenes services include web hosting management, domain management, security, SEO (search engine optimization), website updates and maintenance, database backup, social networking integration and competitive research. Please look to The Petersen Company home page to find out more about my services.

In general…

Regular work hours: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Monday through Friday with lunch somewhere in there if possible.
Saturday and Sunday are considered “Overtime.”
I generally don’t work on Holiday’s unless there is an emergency.
If there is an “Emergency” such as a site crash, I get to it ASAP and as fast as I can get to it.
That said, I typically work on jobs/projects all the time. I like to get things done.
I only take jobs I think I can do well and can take care of along with existing work/life load.
I don’t take all jobs and try not to over extend. I give 110% to my work.
I estimate job costs based on the type of work, such as a complete website, specific or type of task.
While estimates are based on hours, they may be tailored to the type of task.


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