Film Production to WordPress

Before, during and after College, I worked at and then managed one of Hollywood’s prominent independent production studios. This award winning studio produced television commercial, corporate communications, TV specials, PBS specials and feature films. I have also worked in Print Media Management, High tech marketing and management and audio visual production.

I’ve been working in website design since 1998 producing many websites. Web design provides a creative vehicle for writing, creative, business and marketing and technical skills.

Why WordPress?

The world’s most popular website platform.

Web Design

Utilizes creative, communications and technical tools to create contemporary mixed media that you don’t see anywhere else.


Find a project I can make a difference with. Get the specs, see if its a fit. Then apply experience, skills and creativity. Make a contribution.



  • Initial Consultation
  • Initial Design
  • Adjustments
  • Schedule Delivery


  • Receive Client Goals and Specs.
  • Receve Client Copy and Artwork
  • Organize Elements, Construct Website
  • Test and DeBug Website
  • Make Adjustments, Changes, Amendments
  • Present Site for Approval
  • Upload,Install, Activate Site


  • Set Maintenance Schedule
  • Hosting Management
  • Domain Management
  • WordPress Core and Plugin Updates
  • Security Install and Updates


To give it my best shot

To create websites that work.

Choose Well

A project must a good fit between client and designer along with the job being a match to the designers skills.