About Erik Petersen 

About Erik Petersen Website Design-Before, during and after College, I worked at and then managed a prominent independent production studio in Hollywood, CA. This award winning studio produced television commercial, corporate communications, TV specials, PBS specials and feature films. I have also worked in Print Media Management, High tech marketing and management and audio visual production.

I’ve been working in website design since 1998 producing many websites. Web design provides a creative vehicle for writing, creative, business and marketing and technical skills.

How I Work

In general…

I work per project needs: typically working on jobs/projects at all hours. I am task driven. For other peoples sites, Saturday and Sunday are considered “Overtime.” I generally don’t work on holiday’s unless there is an emergency. If there is an “Emergency” such as a site crash, I get to it ASAP and as fast as I can get to it.
I only take jobs I think I can do well and can take care of along with existing work/life load. I don’t take all projects. I estimate job costs based on the type of work, such as a new website, site redesign, maintenance or specific task. While estimates are based on hours, they may be tailored to the type of task.

To put all of my experience, skills and will into each project and task. To create websites that help people succeed.