About Me

Film Production to WordPress

About Erik Petersen Website Design-Before, during and after College, I worked at and then managed one of Hollywood’s prominent independent production studios. This award winning studio produced television commercial, corporate communications, TV specials, PBS specials and feature films. I have also worked in Print Media Management, High tech marketing and management and audio visual production.

I’ve been working in website design since 1998 producing many websites. Web design provides a creative vehicle for writing, creative, business and marketing and technical skills.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most popular, supported, sophisticated and capable website platform available.

The result, WP can do anything you want. It can stop on a dime and make profound changes in style and features without losing key parts of your presentation that you want to continue using! A short example is keeping all your content the same but changing the look from Summer to Winter. No problem and no big deal.

What’s so cool about website design?

Web design batches creative, communications and technical elements resulting in a mixed media product with sophistication and potential greater than tv, radio and print.

How Does the web design process work?

The project and Designer find each other.  As a result, people meet then work out goals and basis for connection and project framework. We determine if the people and project are a fit. Subsequently, if it’s a “Go”- we agree on price, time frame and work expectations. Then…let experience, skills and creativity fly. I look for projects and people I enjoy and can contribute to.

Work Model

In general…

Regular work hours: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Monday through Friday with lunch somewhere in there if possible.
Saturday and Sunday are considered “Overtime.”
I generally don’t work on Holiday’s unless there is an emergency.
If there is an “Emergency” such as a site crash, I get to it ASAP and as fast as I can get to it.
That said, I typically work on jobs/projects all the time. I like to get things done.
I only take jobs I think I can do well and can take care of along with existing work/life load.
I don’t take all jobs and try not to over extend. I give 110% to my work.
I estimate job costs based on the type of work, such as a complete website, specific or type of task.
While estimates are based on hours, they may be tailored to the type of task.

Basic flow of how the website design project proceeds.


  • Initial Consultation
  • Initial Design
  • Adjustments
  • Schedule Delivery


  • Receive Client Goals and Specs.
  • Receve Client Copy and Artwork
  • Organize Elements, Construct Website
  • Test and DeBug Website
  • Make Adjustments, Changes, Amendments
  • Present Site for Approval
  • Upload,Install, Activate Site


  • Set Maintenance Schedule
  • Hosting Management
  • Domain Management
  • WordPress Core and Plugin Updates
  • Security Install and Updates


To put all of my experience, skills and will into each project and task. To create websites that help people succeed.

Choose Well

A project must a good fit between client and designer along with the job being a match to the designers skills.